Fantasy or Experience?

Both are great approaches to exploring life. As a companion, I excel in facilitating experiences. I create space for those who see me to fully explore themselves in a shame-free environment. Unless you want to be shamed, in which case you are a dirty dirty boy!

When it comes to fetish and kink experiences, I always take a risk-aware approach which means some experiences will require more preparation, be it mentally or physically.


I am available most days for same day appointments between 11a-11p with a deposit and minimum 3 hour notice. Earlier or later arrangements can be made with advance scheduling.



All Dates require a deposit

$250 - 30 min*

$400 - 60 min*

$500 - 90 min
$900 - 3 hrs

$1.2k - 4 hrs

  $1.5k - 6 hrs

$2.5k - 12 hrs

  $3k - Day

$5k - 2 Days

$1k per day thereafter

Kink, Fetish & BDSM

Coming Soon! Contact me to be first in line.


$75/hour of travel time, maximum of 2 hours by car from my location

Minimum 4 hour Date + 50% deposit.

Fly-Me-To-You is also available! (Air, travel + hotel fees added).

Other Details

6 hours of sleep required for Dates 12 hours & longer

Meals must be provided for all Dates over 3 hours,

minimum of 1 hour for each meal.

$100 deposit on 30 & 60 minute Dates,

25% deposit on all other Dates (Travel Dates not included).

*30 minute Dates are only available after scheduling a Date 60 minutes or longer.


Sliding scale Dates

Available for women & members

of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Like to schedule in advance? Me too.

Schedule at least 2 days in advance

with a 25% deposit for 10% off.

Send your ID to other Providers? I want it too.

Provide full screening info including an

unredacted copy of your ID for an additional 10% off.