Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time booking with a Provider. What should I expect?

First off, I'm so glad to hear that you are considering booking me for your first experience! I will always be clean and well-prepared for our appointment. If you have specific requests, please hold asking them until we are face to face.

What do you expect of me?

Be ready to provide my compensation for our Date up front when we meet. If we are meeting in public, inside an envelope or in a card works great. Please be freshly cleaned (I will not see you if you are not, tho showers are always provided) and shaven if you do so, and be ready to have fun.

What should I expect of our time?

The time we share together is ours to do with what we choose during that time. Due to the current state of affairs, we must save all talk of what we may or may not do together until we meet.

Are you a top/fully functional?

Not in the traditional sense, no. If you'd like to, we can discuss what that means to me further in person.

Why is it so much to see you?

It really isn't, in fact if you take advantage of both discounts available you are able to see me *below* my old rate.

Why do you want my ID? What will you do with it?

This is for my safety alone to make sure that I am not seeing anyone who has a history of violence, that is it. Upon clearing screening your ID will be deleted because I don't want to be responsible for it. If you give your ID to other Providers you have no reason to not give it to me.

How do I ensure we meet?

The best way to make sure we meet without any issues is to first contact me with your full name, when, where and how long you would like to see me as well as a short description of who you are. Second, send a deposit of either $100 or 10% of the Date you want to schedule, whichever is higher to my CashApp ($LillyxDemona). Lastly, provide me with a full unredacted copy of your ID. This is also the only way to see me for under my advertised rate.

I want to see you off the clock/not have to pay every time.

No you don't. You *think* you want to see me off the clock but trust me you don't. You won't have my full attention and the entire time I will be talking to other people. And as for seeing me without paying that is also not an option. I do this for many reasons and one of them is because of how being paid makes me feel. I like the transactional aspect of our relationship and am not remotely interested in changing it.