Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time booking with a Professional Girlfriend. What should I expect?

First off, I'm so glad to hear that you are considering booking me for your first experience! I will always be clean and well-prepared for our appointment. If you have specific requests, please hold asking them until we are face to face.

What do you expect of me?

Be ready to provide my compensation for our Date up front when we meet. If we are meeting in public, inside an envelope or in a card works great. Please be freshly cleaned and shaven if you do so, and be ready to have fun.

What should I expect of our time?

The time we share together is ours to do with what we choose during that time. Due to the current state of affairs, we must save all talk of what we may or may not do together until we meet.

Are you a top/fully functional?

Not in the traditional sense, no. If you'd like to, we can discuss what that means to me further in person.