Lilly Demona

Stunningly Elegant. Fiercely Provocative.

With a silky smooth voice, eyes you can fall into, and conversations as deep as my kiss, I'm one unforgettable girl.

Take me out and I'll turn heads with my long legs - I love being arm candy! And yes, the rumors are true:

I am a Vampire and I will place you under my spell if you see me...

Camgirl to Porn Star to Professional Girlfriend

I first started exploring my exhibitionism in 2015 as a webcam model on Chaturbate and shot my first mainstream scene in 2017 ( Once I got my taste for being in front of the camera for real, I haven't been able to get enough. I've produced and directed a handful of scenes on my own and while I may still be new to the Industry, I am finding my voice as an artist with human intimacy as my preferred medium (

When it comes to being a professional girlfriend, I finally feel I understand my place in the world with other humans. I connect deeply with those I see and value the intimacy I share with others. Many of those in my life express how comfortable they feel with me, even upon just meeting. I allow for every experience to be unique, to grow and be dynamic because life is unique and dynamic.




145 lbs






Indica Cannabis


13 piercings

3 tattoos

March 19


Riding my fixed-gear bike,

practicing guitar, and humans

Likes: Sushi (my favorite), whiskey

or tequila (depending on mood),

live concerts and gifts for no reason

Dislikes: Curried-foods, white wines,

direct sunlight and having my

boundaries pushed

©2019 by Lilly Demona